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Industrial Dust Collector Filter Bags PTFE, Teflon, Nomex, PPS, Fiberglass Fabrics

Industrial Dust Collector Filter Bags PTFE, Teflon, Nomex, PPS, Fiberglass Fabrics

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ECOGRACE
Certification: SGS, ISO9001
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Detailed Product Description
Product:Dust Collector Filter bagsWeight:550gsm
Filter Speed:0.9-1.3m/minWorking Temperature: 250 Degree
Filter Material Nomex, PTFE, Fiberglass for choiceSize:160mm x4500mm
Dust Collector Filter Bags

Dust Collector Filter bags, filter material including Nomex, PTFE, Fiberglass, PPS, Acrylic, etc. Air Filter Bag. Nomex Filter Bags, PTFE Filter Bags.

ECOGRACE is SGS and ISO 9001 :2008 approved manufacturer of dust filter bags and dust collector system with over 16 years expertise experience for dust filtration.

Meta Aramid Nomex Needle Felt  Filter Bags is the most cost effective filter bags for the high temperature fumes filtration , applied for the asphalt mixing bag filter , metal melting furance fumes , cement kiln , Tobacco Industry , high temperature flue gas filter ,etc.

The Discriptions of dust collector Bag Filter

Nomex Filter Bags


Nomex Filter Bags are mainly used in cement industry, asphalt industry, metallurgical industry and tobacco industry for flue gas purification.

Performance of dust collector filter bags:

Nomex filter bags

Continuous operating temperature is up to 200°C, instant service temperature is up to 240°C

Fire retardant performance is excellent

Corrosion resistance and alkali resistance is good

Excellent thermal stability, excellent abrasion resistance and flexural resistance Hydrolysis resistance is poor, frequent SOand vapor in flue gas or dew point will greatly reduce its service life

PPS (Ryton) Filter Bags(Polyphenylene Sulfide)


PPS (Ryton) Filter Bags are widely used in coal-fired boilers, waste incinerators, coking furnaces, kiln furnaces, chemical dry process of flue gas cleaning processes, also using, carbon black, powder collection, pneumatic conveying, cement industry, and more. When due to chemical attack and hydrolysis causes, Aramid cannot be used, PPS (Ryton) Filter Bag can be substituted.


Continuous gas continuous temperature is up to 160°C, instant heat resistant up to 200°C

Chemical structure is simple, strong and stable

Excellent performance of acid and alkali resistance!

Excellent hydrolysis resistance capability, and strong chemical stability

Good flame retardant and excellent heat resistance function

Disadvantage is that antioxidant performance of PPS (Ryton) Filter Bag is poor, it reacts to oxidation-corrosion. It is suitable for gas with O2 composition < 10%

P84 Filter bags (Polyamide Filter)


P84 FILTER BAGS are mainly used in drying, burning, smelting, industrial kilns, coal-fired boilers and waste incineration process of flue gas purification

Gas continuous operating temperature is up to 240°C, instant operating temperature is up to 260°C.

P84 FILTER BAGS is made with flame retardant fiber, has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion.

Good resistance to hydrolysis

Large filter surface area, with excellent filtration performance, in favor of cleaning of filter bag.

Applicable to gas with harsh chemical conditions, normal performance in the gas in oxidation and hydrolysis.

Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE FILTER BAG(PTFE)


PTFE filter bags dust extractor filter bag are higher in cost compared with other filter bags. They are suitable for the corrosion resistance of harsh condition that require a longer working life of dust filters, such as waste incineration flue gas filtration.


Excellent chemical stability and heat resistance

Will withstand all strong acids and alkali erosion

Will serve well for gas continuous operating temperature up to 240°C, instant temperature up to 280°C.

Will withstand all kinds of strong oxidant corrosion

Hydrolysis performance is excellent;

Good flame retardant, insulation, heat insulation, light stability, low coefficient of friction and small adhesion.

PTFE filter cloth jet dust collector bags has excellent filtration efficiency, low and stable differential pressure, easy cleaning, and under the same conditions its life is significantly longer than other high temperature resistant filter materials.

Dust Collector Filter Bags
Dust Collector Filter Bags
Industrial Dust Collector Filter Bags
Industrial Dust Collector Filter Bags

The Technical Information about the ECOGRACE dust filter bags

Surface treatment
Polyester filter felt600g/m2PE/PE1.9135 /150singed on one side
Polyester ,oil and water repellent, anti static filter bag
550g/m2PE/PE1.7135 /150oil and water repellent
Polyster+antistatic550g/m2PE/PE1.7135 /150singed on one side , antistatic
PPS high-temperature resistant filer bag550g/m2PPS/PPS1.7190 /200PTFE membrane
PTFE Teflon filer bag700g/m2PTFE/PTFE1.2250 /280Corrosion prevention
Polyester+PTFE membrane550g/m2PE/PE1.7135 /150PTFE membrance
P84 filter bag550g/m2P84/P842.8240 /260PTFE membrane
Fiberglass filter bag550g/m2FMS/FMS2.2200 /200singed on one side
Nomex filter bag550 g/m2NOMEX/NOMEX2.1200/240Singeing, calendaring
Industrial filter bag specification

The Advantages of ECOGRACE Dust Filter Bags

1) Our Dust filter bags are applied in dust collector systems in metallurgy industry, Ferrio alloy plant, steel works plant, industrial boiler, asphalt mixing plant , mining industry, chemcial plant, fire-retardant factories and power stations.

2) Fume filtration, tiny particle recycle and division of liquid and solid in aluminum electro analysis, tin, zinc, cooper and other rare metals

3) Baghouse filter filtration in garbage burning, coal-feed boiler and liquidized laid boilers

4) Division of liquid, solid and tiny particle recycle in chemicals, coke, carbon, dyestuff, pharmacy and plastics

5) Asphalt mixing, concrete mixture, cements, ceramics, building materials, lime and plaster.

6) Dust filtration and purification in , mining, foodstuff processing, flour and timber processing.

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